Business Expansion - 01 July 2022

Australian business innovation and investor visas

If you're a foreign citizen and are looking to expand or start a new business in Australia, you need to have the right visa to do so.

There are a number of visas you can apply for, so make sure you understand the criteria for each before applying. Once you have obtained your visa, you need to consider the legal and regulatory issues associated with operating a business in Australia.

You should seek legal advice to ensure your business is complying with Australian law and regulations.

This guide to Australian business innovation and investor visas, produced by our partners LegalVision sets out the key business innovation and investor visas available to individuals and businesses looking to start or manage a business or make a significant financial investment in Australia.

The publication also includes a list of frequently asked questions about business migration pathways in Australia.

A guide to Australian business innovation and investor visas

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Business expansion guide

5 challenges of international business expansion

  1. Meeting local regulatory and compliance requirements
  2. Hiring the right talent
  3. Understanding the local language, business etiquette and culture
  4. Travel restrictions during COVID-19
  5. Supply chain management

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