Hawksford helps MetaSensing establish their business in Singapore



Hawksford helped European tech company MetaSensing expand into the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to providing company incorporation, domiciliation, tax compliance, and accounting services, we introduced MetaSensing to key local institutions and provided ongoing corporate secretarial support in Singapore.





Client profile

MetaSensingis an Italian-Dutch company that specialises in developing radar sensors for airborne, spaceborne and ground-based surveillance, monitoring, mapping, security and defence.


Client’s objective

MetaSensing, a European developer of high-resolution radar sensor technology, required speedy assistance to expand its business operations into the Asia-Pacific region for the first time.


Our solution

  • With our specialised expertise, we assisted MetaSensing with incorporating and domiciling its business in Singapore. We provided customised advice on the best legal vehicle for MetaSensing’s growth and expansion into the APAC region.
  • With Hawksford’s established presence in Asia, we were able to ensure that MetaSensing continued to meet its ongoing tax and compliance requirements, while benefitting from government incentives and DTAs with neighbouring countries.
  • We also actively introduced MetaSensing to key local institutions and agencies in Singapore, so that the business could meet with potential new investors and stay ahead of the curve.


Services provided

  • Company formation and domiciliation
  • Employment pass and dependent for a staff member
  • Ongoing corporate secretarial services
  • Tax compliance
  • Accounting services
  • General business support


Hawksford did a great job helping us set up MetaSensing Asia Pacific Pte Ltd in Singapore. They helped us with all the administrative and financial tasks required for expanding a company into a new region. Hawksford made the transition seamless and helped connect us to right institutions which is invaluable for newcomers.

Simon Placidi, Managing Director, MetaSensing



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