Advantages of doing business in the UAE



The UAE strategically situated amid rapidly growing regions, offers easy access to European markets, Asia and Africa. The UAE's progressive tax policies and robust framework underpins its success, promoting transparency, accountability and ethical business practices. 

Foreign entrepreneurs can establish 100% foreign owned companies and make the most of its tax incentives, giving Dubai a competitive edge. With the acceleration of digital transformation post pandemic, businesses are increasingly leveraging technology to enhance operations, reach new markets and innovate product offerings.

Hawksford is an exceptional partner thanks to our extensive services designed specifically for international business. Our comprehensive services are combined with a deep understanding of local and global markets make us an indispensable ally.

In this video, we explore:

  • Benefits of doing business in Dubai (00:08)
  • When expanding globally, what are the current opportunities to leverage (00:36)
  • Why Hawksford (01:20)

How can Hawksford help you?

Hawksford is an established facilitator focused on market entry and international expansion. With our global reach, we offer a full suite of corporate services to help companies successfully enter newer markets.

Our global expertise allows us to address complex cross-border issues, while still maintaining a focus on the personal needs of our clients. Trust forms the foundation of our client relationships, and we pride ourselves on our continuous innovation with tailored solutions. Contact us today to begin your expansion into Dubai and the rest of UAE.



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