Successful business support for UK creative hub



Hawksford provided corporate and administrative support to a UK creative institution owned by a global corporate group. Services included provision of corporate directors, compliance reporting, and acting as Company Secretary, reducing administrative burdens and enabling the client to focus on its growth. We also provided registered address, accounting, audit liaison, and tax compliance services.


Client profile

Established in 2003, our client is a creative institution within the music and tech industry. Based in the UK, the business provides a 24/7 music and tech ecosystem through a variety of creative spaces, ranging from rehearsal space for bands, to intimate creative studios and large, open-plan office spaces for commercial clients.


Client’s objective

The UK creative institution is owned by a global corporate group, which happens to be a client of Hawksford’s Jersey office. Having already established a strong, successful working relationship with Hawksford, the group expressed its desire for Hawksford’s UK office to manage the administration of its UK creative institution. This would include providing a full range of services including administrative tasks, corporate governance, compliance support and regulatory reporting.


Our solution

Since taking on the UK administrative services in 2020, our corporate team has provided sustainable support to the client, enabling it to achieve its business objectives. This involved the provision of corporate directors, with one of Hawksford’s experts sitting on the board of the client’s business; taking care of account and tax compliance reporting; and acting as the Company Secretary for the client. Through the provision of these services, our client was able to reduce their administrative burdens and focus on growing its business effectively.


Service provided

  • Provision of registered address
  • Company secretarial services
  • Director services
  • Accounting services
  • Audit liaison services
  • Tax compliance  



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