Setting up retail operations in Greater China



A long-term plan is crucial, especially if your goal is to expand retail operations in the mainland China market. Businesses should strategically position themselves in the regional hub for further expansion.

Your first step in Asia will be setting up operations in Hong Kong. With its unique vantage point, Hong Kong serves as an ideal gateway to the mainland China market. Embark on your expansion journey with a comprehensive online and offline strategy. In this video, Director of Corporate Francesco Montonati shares his expert insights and discusses the approach for setting up a company in Greater China.  

In this video, we explore:

  • Top tips for business setting up in China (00:01)
  • Develop online, offline and long-term strategies (00:06)
  • Use Hong Kong as a regional hub (00:28)
  • Be aware of local financial regulations (01:14)
  • Partner with local expansion experts (01:14)

How can Hawksford help you?

Hawksford is an established facilitator focused on market entry and international expansion. With our global reach, we offer a full suite of corporate services to help companies successfully enter newer markets. 

At Hawksford, we pride ourselves on our client-oriented approach. Our comprehensive services and deep understanding of local and global markets make us an invaluable partner for your expansion into Greater China. We have vast experience providing services for successful entrepreneurs who want to incorporate their businesses in Hong Kong and mainland China. 


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