What makes the UK an ideal location for tech startups?



The United Kingdom (UK) is seen as one of the world's biggest tech hubs after the United States of America and China. With a tech sector valued at just over £800 billion, London has emerged as a financial hub for firms seeking to set up in the UK.

With a long-standing ecosystem, startups have access to leading venture capital funds. In this video, Director of Private Clients Gerard Rafferty explains what makes the UK an ideal location for tech startups.  

In this video, we explore:

  • The UK for tech startups (00:01)
  • A high value tech sector (00:06)
  • Financial incentives (00:27)
  • A highly regarded legal system (00:43)
  • Supportive government funding (00:55)
  • A highly qualified workforce (01:18) 

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