Using Hawksford in Jersey for equity and debt capital markets

Jersey is tax neutral and fully internationally compliant. It offers bankruptcy remote structures which are often preferred in debt capital market arena. We're trusted corporate service provider and have a strong record. 

We've recently been recognised by the Corporate Governance Institute as the Corporate Services Team of the Year 2023. Clients take comfort that our business outlook and strategy is driven for a well regulated base. We have a global reach but maintain our personal approach, our focus throughout the business is impeccable client service.

In this video, we explore:

  • Why is it beneficial to use Jersey for debt capital markets (00:06)
  • Ease of listing (00:27)
  • Why choose Hawksford (00:40)

How can Hawksford help you?

Hawksford is an established facilitator focused on market entry and international expansion. With our global reach, we offer a full suite of corporate services to help companies successfully enter newer markets.

Our clients choose to partner with us, as we help them navigate the challenges of international expansion, using our expertise to support them on their growth journeys.



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