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Hawksford helps Xinquan to expand into Singapore

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Xinquan is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and specialises in the design, manufacture and sales of automotive interior and exterior trim system components and moulds, car dashboards and other products and accessories. The company also operates import and export businesses for various products and technologies.

Location: Singapore

Service: Corporate

Industry: Automotive

Their objective

With a holding company in China, a factory in Malaysia and operations in North America, Xinquan decided to establish an overseas subsidiary in Singapore as part of their growth plans, having identified that it would operate as an excellent jurisdiction for their business.

As part of this process, they decided to partner with a professional services provider to guide them through the establishment of a Singapore private limited company, ensure they met the company compliance standards in this jurisdiction, which they weren’t familiar with, and provide ongoing corporate solutions.


Our solution

We worked closely with Xinquan in order to understand both their immediate and future plans, so we could create a bespoke solution which meets their needs for expansion into Singapore.

As experts across the wider Asia region, we understand how the compliance requirements in China and Singapore, for instance, can be significantly different. As a result, we were able to keep the incorporation process as simple and seamless as possible.

We have helped Xinquan save cost and time through the process of incorporating the Singapore subsidiary. We have also provided continuous guidance after incorporation to ensure that their company compliance and maintenance are met in the most effective way.


Services provided

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"During our international market growth, we’ve been very pleased to work with Hawksford who guided us on our expansion into Singapore. The professional account manager at Hawksford has provided us with all the help we needed during the incorporation process. We enjoy working with a team of people who are dedicated, support us and communicate very effectively. This has meant the many challenges we faced were resolved very quickly. We would like to thank Hawksford and their team for the hard work and dedication, and we hope to continue our collaboration moving forward."

Chen Xue Qian, Financial Securities Affairs Representative, Jiangsu Xinquan Automotive Trim

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