Challenges of international expansion

There are many opportunities for companies looking to expand into new markets around the world. With these opportunities, however, come many challenges. In this video, Gavin Wilkins, our Chief Commercial Officer, discusses some of these key challenges, and identifies possible solutions for businesses expanding globally. 

In this video, we explore:

  • Challenges of international expansion (00:00)
  • Compliance in local markets (00:06)
  • Bridging cultural differences (00:40)
  • Accessing foreign incentives (01:01)
  • Defining a clear strategy (01:11)
  • Chose Hawksford for your expansion (01:37)

How can Hawksford help you?

Hawksford is an established facilitator focused on market entry and international expansion. With our global reach, we offer a full suite of corporate services to help companies successfully enter newer markets.

Our clients choose to partner with us, as we help them navigate the challenges of international expansion, using our expertise to support them on their growth journeys.



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