eGuide: Doing business in Ireland

This eGuide provides an overview of what you need to know when considering doing business in Ireland.


2024     eGuide

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Why Ireland?

Ireland is a leading jurisdiction for international business, offering a stable and friendly environment, a highly educated workforce and a robust regulatory framework. A range of incentives, including modest corporate tax rates and an attractive intellectual property regime, make Ireland an ideal location for companies seeking to establish their operations in Europe.

Our dedicated Irish team are experts on corporate and trust structures internationally. Over the past 30 years, our service excellence and transparency has enabled us to create bespoke solutions to meet the needs of each individual client.  


Why Hawksford?

We are an award-winning multi-jurisdictional provider of corporate, private client and fund services. Our global expertise allows us to address complex cross-border issues while still maintaining a focus on the personal needs of our clients.   

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Our clients are serviced by more than 500 professionals across the globe


Be part of a network of over 4,000 clients around the world


We can assist you to set up business in over 180 locations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Asia and the Americas. 


Work with an international team fluent in more than 20 languages

Why start a business in Ireland?

In this video, we showcase the advantages of doing business in Ireland and emphasise the unique benefits of choosing Hawksford as your partner for business expansion. 

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