Hawksford consolidates Singapore and Hong Kong market websites



Hawksford has migrated specialist content, insights and guides from its two well-regarded websites, focused on Singapore and Hong Kong, to its main website (Hawksford.com). From July 2024, this migration provides a more streamlined and consistent user journey for Hawksford’s clients, intermediaries and partners.

Established more than a decade ago, the two informative websites – GuideMeSingapore.com and GuideMeHongKong.com – have acted as popular resources for those looking to relocate, scale up, or launch businesses in Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as in the wider ASEAN markets. 

Over the past ten years, the two sites have become a highly valued first port of call for businesses and individuals wanting to learn more about the two key Asian markets. The content was developed to keep clients and stakeholders up to speed with the latest trends, issues and developments in those respective markets. 

From July, the content on both sites – covering a broad range of topics such as company incorporation, accounting, tax information and immigration – will be refined, enhanced and migrated to Hawksford.com. The result will be a clear, single source of content from which to find insights, practical information and guides relating to doing business in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Commenting on the upcoming migration, Daniel Hainsworth, Head of Corporate at Hawksford, said: 

"Our GuideMe sites for Singapore and Hong Kong have been hugely valued by our clients, intermediaries and partners over the years. They have acted as valuable resources for businesses and individuals either already in those jurisdictions or looking to explore them in greater depth as part of their own Asia growth strategies. Given Hawksford’s strong and long-standing presence across the Asian markets, the sites have become synonymous with our expertise and in-depth understanding of those markets.

“However, as we continue to grow as a business ourselves, and support the increasingly global expansion plans of our clients, it makes sense to take the very best content and valuable insights from these sites, enhance them further, and bring them into our main online suite of resources. By doing so, we are creating a single hub for clients wishing to understand more about these prime jurisdictions, alongside other locations, to provide a truly global picture, while also providing seamless and consistent access to the associated services we offer to support their ambitions.”

The key content migrated from the GuideMeSingapore and GuideMeHongKong sites can now be found on our Singapore and Hong Kong country pages, as well as in our central resource hub.



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