Key considerations for doing business in the UK



The UK is a flexible and business minded location, historically recognised as a well established and reputable jurisdiction to conduct business. Discover why the United Kingdom is the ideal destination for incorporating your business and learn about the key considerations your business must think about before expanding. In our latest video, Gerard Rafferty, Director of Private Clients, speaks about these crucial considerations and expertly navigates you through the process of expanding into the UK.

At Hawksford, we specialise in guiding clients through the formation and administration of companies, trusts, foundations, and partnerships. With our comprehensive suite of services including administration, directorship, and secretarial support, we ensure that all your operational and transactional needs are met with precision and efficiency. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your business ventures in the dynamic landscape of the UK. 

In this video, we explore:

  • Establish a legal entity (00:06)
  • Practise good governance (00:20)
  • Open a bank account (00:43)
  • Choose the right partner for your expansion (01:22)

How can Hawksford help you?

Hawksford is an established facilitator focused on market entry and international expansion. With our global reach, we offer a full suite of corporate services to help companies successfully enter newer markets.

Our clients choose to partner with us, as we help them navigate the challenges of international expansion, using our expertise to support them on their growth journeys.



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