Case Study - 14 November 2019

Enabling European growth in the gaming market

Established in 2010 by two app developers, this business is a growing global entertainment brand, which has contracts with global technology companies including Nokia, Android, Apple and Samsung. The company’s most popular apps have been downloaded more than 1.4 billion times, with its leading app on one in every five smartphones in the world. The experts behind the company also provide consultancy services in relation to development and publishing for other similar start-up businesses in the market.

Client's challenge

The client wanted to be able to make its apps available to the UK market, while being completely transparent with the UK tax authorities. The founders also wanted the ability to remain employed by the company in their home jurisdiction. Since then, the company has also begun expanding into the European market, which has required further structuring services.

The Outcome

We have enabled our client to achieve significant and sustainable growth across Europe, which will continue globally. The founders have been able to remain employees in their home jurisdiction allowing them to work on other projects as consultants through contractual agreements. The business has remained fully transparent with the tax authorities in which it sells its apps and all from a well-regulated jurisdiction, Jersey.

How were we best placed to assist?

Hawksford was appointed when this business was a small start up and has provided sustainable support enabling this client to achieve its business objectives. We have extensive experience in providing services to entrepreneurs and tech companies, which need innovative structuring services and reliable governance support.

We worked closely with the client’s legal/tax advisors and assisted with the implementation of a series of structures in the UK, Cyprus, Russia, Spain and Jersey, transferred IP rights to the UK subsidiary and continue to action works in relation to master software development agreements and master service agreements with the UK and Russian entities within the group. We ensure the good corporate governance of the structures and handle all cross-border transactions involving the Jersey company. By offering a full suite of services we ensure that management and control of the holding company remains in Jersey, providing corporate administration services to include amongst other things company secretary services, company directors and bookkeeping and accounting services. 

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