Event - 23 August 2019

Hawksford 2019 Webinar Series: Your Guide to Doing Business in China

Are you planning to enter the Chinese market? Are you already doing business in China and want to streamline your operations?

Hawksford is pleased to announce a Series of 3 free webinars. The webinars are designed for companies that are planning to tap into the Chinese market or want to grow their existing business in China.

As the world’s second largest economy with great potential in consuming power, China is shifting towards a service and consumption focused economy from a pure manufacturing and export-driven country.


Who should join the webinars?

The webinars are useful for anyone interested in China business. No matter if you are a start-up or multinational company, there is plenty of information to help you understand the policies and trends in China and guide you to successfully enter the Chinese market.


What will you learn from the webinars?

  • Understand the local regulations and trends
  • How to tackle the challenges when operating a business in China
  • How to avoid common business mistakes
  • Learn to optimize your strategies to integrate into Chinese market



Francesca Scortichini, China Head of Associate, Hawksford

Francesca has considerable experience in advising Italian and international clients, from trading, retail and industrial companies on investments in Asia. Francesca joined Hawksford Shanghai office in June 2014. Prior to joining Hawksford she worked as tax consultant in Italian CPA firms and in the asset management department of International leading investment bank. Francesca graduated in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan and is a professional Chartered Accountant.

Fabio Stella, China Head of Sales & Business Development, Hawksford

Fabio graduated in International Law, business and politics before moving to China in 2012 where he studied Intellectual Property and Foreign Direct Investment at Peking University. He started his career at the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce and managed Guangzhou & Shenzhen offices during 2014-18. Now based in Shanghai, he looks after China’s Business Development activities.


Check the schedule of webinars and register now

  • How to choose between a WFOE, Rep Office and China Joint Venture when expanding into China?

Date & Time: 09:30 am BST / 04:30 pm CST, 17 September 2019, Tuesday

Speaker: Francesca Scortichini

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One of the most important things of doing business in China is to choose the correct company type. There are three main company types for foreign enterprises to establish, register and incorporate in China – Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises (WFOEs), Joint Ventures (JVs) and Representative Offices (RO). Each investment form has its own merits and drawbacks. Which one should you choose and what are the differences in terms of framework and procedures? The right choice for you will depend on your organisation’s goals and strategy when entering Chinese market.

  • 5 essential tips for foreign companies to doing business in China

Date & Time: 09:30 am BST / 04:30 pm CST, 24 September 2019, Tuesday

Speaker: Fabio Stella

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Many international companies are attracted by the size and the increasing spending power of the consumer market in China. However, China is a unique country, historically, politically and culturally, and there is a lot to understand if you are a new entrant. Although many foreign companies have succeeded in the China market and its 1.4 billion consumers, many have also crashed on its shores. Find out the essential tips for foreign companies when doing business in China and make the most out of your investments in Asia.

  • 5 case studies for successful market entry into China

Date & Time: 09:30 am BST / 04:30 pm CST, 8 October 2019, Tuesday

Speaker: Fabio Stella

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Every global company faces a critical question when it enters Chinese market: How much does the company need to localize in order to succeed? There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Without defining local strategies, it can be frustrating for foreign businesses to communicate with Chinese consumers. In this webinar, we will share case studies to help you understand what kind of strategies could facilitate foreign businesses to integrate into the local market. 


About Hawksford

We have the local knowledge to help you navigate your business. Whether you want to set up in China or just streamline your China operations. Hawksford, with the headquarters in the British Isles and office in the UK, have many years of experience in setting up business in China and across Asia.

Our on-the-ground team provide a complete suite of corporate services that span all aspects of setup and ongoing company administration, including company governance, accounting, taxation, HR & payroll services and immigration advisory across offices in Europe and Asia. We’ve helped companies in a wide range of industries from manufacturing, retail, tech, innovation, trade and luxury fashion. Our client servicing teams across Asia are multilingual professionals who speak fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, Spanish and French.


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