Event - 12 June 2018

Daniel Hainsworth as panellist at Real Estate and Real Estate Funds event

June brings the 3rd Annual Real Estate and Real Estate Funds conference to Jersey garnering insights and predictions from both Jersey and the UK on what is happening in real estate and real estate funds industry.

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At: 3rd Annual Real Estate and Real Estate Funds Conference           
When: 12 June 2018
Where: Jersey
Attending:  Daniel Hainsworth, Jon Taylor, Cherith Fothergill
Corporate and Fund Administration Services


Client Director of Corporate Services, Daniel Hainsworth will be on one of the conference panels looking at whether investors hold higher asset allocation to Real Estate and if so, why.

Hawksford brings robust experience of working on investments in residential, commercial and retail property with an emphasis on corporate governance. Daniel is responsible for a substantial portfolio of real estate clients including one with GDV £1bn project in the UK.  

Delegates will hear insights and predictions from over ten industry experts from both Jersey and the UK and hear the latest industry insights on real estate finance, economics, investment and asset management.

Hawksford are proud to be sponsoring this event and along with Daniel, Funds Manager Jon Taylor will be attending.

To find out more about the conference visit the events page.

To meet with us there please contact Daniel Hainsworth or Jon Taylor.

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