In the community - 04 July 2017

Hawksford is taking part in the Singapore Red Cross's #MissingTypeSG 2017 Campaign

Hawksford’s Singapore office is working closely with Singapore Red Cross and have planned a series of activities from 4-9 July to bring about blood donation awareness amongst staff and clients.

This year’s MissingTypeSG campaign is a Singapore Red Cross independent campaign. The campaign is designed to draw attention to and raise awareness around the importance of blood donation by asking brand, businesses and influencers to remove the blood type letters (A, O and B) from their names.

Our social media profile pictures this week will be missing the letters A, O and B to show our support. A social media campaign will also be rolled out amongst staff to encourage more people to take part and donate. 

10 staff in our Singapore office have signed up this round to donate blood at one of the blood banks this week.

In Singapore, only an approximate 1.87% of the population are blood donors and yet, an estimate of 14 units of blood is required every hour this year (figures provided by Singapore Red Cross). Each donor can give one unit of blood every 12 weeks where approximately 350-450ml of blood is taken each time.

Jacqueline Low, Chief Operating Offer, Asia said, ‘We are pleased to be a part of the MissingTypeSG campaign with Hawksford staff donating blood as well as using social media to raise awareness on blood donation in Singapore.’

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