An analysis of Jersey’s Funds landscape by Hawksford’s CEO and Head of Funds.

Produced in partnership with Jersey Finance, the annual publication Jersey First for Finance provides authoritative insights into the latest issues impacting upon and developments pertaining to, Jersey's highly successful finance industry.

Commentary - 17/04/2015

Drawing on their vast funds experience, Maxine Rawlins, CEO of Hawksford Group, and Claire Keeney, Head of Funds for Hawksford co-authored an article on Jersey's international standing as a funds jurisdiction. 

Here's an excerpt from their analysis.  To read the full article please click here.

"Aside from the opportunities arising from asset and jurisdiction diversification, opportunities are increasingly arising in the re-domiciliation of established funds from competitor jurisdictions to Jersey. Last year, a US$25 billion hedge fund and a €2.5 billion private equity fund relocated to Jersey from Guernsey and Cyprus respectively. This is a testament to Jersey's increased vision."

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