SIB Asia Pte Ltd

We interviewed Mr. Mattijs Sibbing, CEO and Managing Director of SIB Asia, to learn more about his experience with setting up the business in Singapore:

Case Study - 01/01/2013

Company Snapshot

Company Name: SIB Asia Pte Ltd


Client Since: 2009

Business Type: Limited Exempt Private Company

Hawksford Services

Hawksford's team provided the following services:

  • Company Secretary
  • Employment Pass

What is the scope of your business and what are some of the solutions you offer?

SIB sets up, facilitates, and manages financial and operational infrastructures for companies who are keen in building or expanding their businesses into Singapore and wider Asia. SIB provides its clients with smart operational services, including, but not limited to, a financial, legal, and tax efficient infrastructure, temporary to permanent human resources, and research capabilities. These services help companies to start up or expand their new business in Singapore and wider Asia. Above all, SIB offers the necessary infrastructure to its clients to enable them to achieve long-term growth in the region.

What got you interested in starting your business in Singapore?

The entrepreneurial environment and business friendly policies were some of the reasons that attracted SIB to Singapore. We found that the ease of doing business in Singapore, coupled with a business-friendly working environment, as well as Singapore’s status as the regional hub for foreign companies, were key factors that led to us setting up our office in Singapore. We are close to major markets with 2-3 flights away, and Singapore is an ideal place to start operations if you are thinking of expanding in Asia.

How would you describe your experience working with us?

Working with [Hawksford] was a pleasure due to the speedy response and knowledgeable people. [Hawksford] was, and still is, a pivotal part of my business. They always provide me with swift, fast, and efficient service with clear and always prompt communication. They are always available to help and are a one-stop shop for professional services. I have already recommended various companies to work with [Hawksford].

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