Lumière Business Solutions Pte Ltd

Hawksford interviewed Mr. Milind Soman, Chief Operating Officer of Lumière Business Solutions Pte Ltd, to learn more about his experience with setting up the business in Singapore:

Case Study - 01/01/2013

Company Snapshot

Company Name: Lumière Business Solutions Pte Ltd


Client Since: 2012

Business Type: Exempt Private Limited Company

Hawksford Services

Hawksford's team provided the following services:

  • Company Incorporation
  • Company Secretary
  • Local Resident Director
  • Registered Office Address

What does your company do?

Lumière Business Solutions is a research and consulting firm that works with clients in the space of marketing research solutions. While our core expertise is qualitative, we use a 360-degree approach, utilizing desk research and quantitative methodologies, both face-to-face and online. We have a rich and diverse experience across 15 industry verticals. We have done over 3200 qualitative studies in India over the past 16 years across metros, small towns and rural areas.

Our work in the innovation and growth space, means close partnering with our client teams. We work in the areas of need space identification, concept development (ideation, idea evaluation, concept testing) and product development (inputs into product development via iterative consumer evaluation, pack testing), marketing mix testing, and communication development and brand equity studies. FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Products), Media & Entertainment (Print, Television, Radio, Online, Outdoor), Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Automobiles, Banking & Finance, Retail and Telecom, are key industry verticals. We have an exhaustive understanding across the luxury sectors, along with deep expertise with rural and bottom of the pyramid challenges and opportunities.

We believe business growth is a function of focusing on the outside (consumers, markets opportunities, product and brand innovation) and equally on the inside. Internal customers are the critical enablers to this growth journey. We partner with our clients in cultural and organizational studies which result in improved employee engagement and alignment of organizational and employee needs. We have conducted exploratory and diagnostic internal customer studies for organizations in several areas including: Leadership, Teamwork, Succession Planning, Change Management, Work-life balance, Pride & Pride Drivers, Internal Climate studies, Learning & Training, Safety, Women’s Safety and Organizational Diversity.

What got you interested in starting your business in Singapore?

We thought Singapore was a great place to expand business beyond borders as our regional base for South East Asia. Singapore itself serves as one of the safest economies to set up a business, with extremely advanced infrastructures in place for business. Singapore has an incredibly liberalized trade and investment environment, as well as being strategically located to all emerging markets. It was the best option for us.

How did we help you along the way?

Hawksford assisted us with setting up our company, and acts as our company secretary.

How would you describe your experience working with us?

It has been an absolute delight working with Hawksford from the first introductory email. All throughout my full incorporation process, Hawksford guided me with full transparency. Hawksford was more like a partner than service provider, as all communication I sent through was promptly and efficiently answered, and I can see that the staff are truly committed and happy to serve their clients. I would definitely recommend Hawksford to anyone thinking about setting up a business in Singapore.

What are your plans in the future for your company?

We are looking at growing the business within the Southeast Asian region where our Singapore presence will be the springboard for going global.

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