Business Expansion - 01 June 2022

How to start an online business guide

When you’re starting a new online business, it is important to plan ahead. Many business owners do not invest enough time in understanding their customer base, competitors, and business model before going live. Ultimately, this affects their ability to succeed. Download our ‘How to start an online business guide’ below.

The ultimate guide to starting an online business

This 'How to start an online business guide' produced by our Partners LegalVision, covers all the essential topics you need to know about starting your online business.  The guide includes eight case studies featuring leading Australian businesses and online influencers.

Topics include:

Getting started

  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What business structure will best suit your needs?

The guide will also help you to understand how to

  • finance your business
  • protect your brand and intellectual property
  • market your products and services
  • grow your team
  • manage relationships with customers and suppliers; and
  • resolve disputes

It is also worth seeking professional advice from a lawyer and accountant before launching your online business. View our international expansion services

How to start an online business guide

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Business expansion guide

5 challenges of international business expansion

  1. Meeting local regulatory and compliance requirements
  2. Hiring the right talent
  3. Understanding the local language, business etiquette and culture
  4. Travel restrictions during COVID-19
  5. Supply chain management

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International Business Expansion

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