Guide - 23 August 2021

Singapore Immigration Guide

Our guide provides an overview and key facts about Singapore’s work pass and permanent residence schemes available to foreign entrepreneurs, executives, and professional staff.

In general, Singapore’s open immigration policy has been one of the key factors that have contributed to its economic success. The Singapore government has consciously shaped its immigration policy to attract foreign talent that it believes is vital for the nation’s economic growth.

In recent months, Singapore has imposed stricter controls on the inflow of foreign workforce to help boost citizens’ wages and provide employment to citizens first.

Foreign professionals and entrepreneurs have long been a part of what has made Singapore one of the top business hubs in the world. It appears that the government is not merely reducing the number of foreigners entering in Singapore, but rather increasing the quality of foreign talent in the country.

Singapore’s leaders realize that only by adopting a sustainable and attractive immigration policy, can Singapore attract highly talented professionals and entrepreneurs who now have global options in an increasingly interconnected world.

Our complimentary guide about immigrating to Singapore covers the following topics:

  • Employment Pass scheme overview
  • EntrePass scheme overview
  • Permanent residency in Singapore
  • Application procedures and timelines
  • A guide to a successful application
  • GIP and Investor scheme overview

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