Darren Kelland Bloomberg article can you own a private jet is you care about climate change?

Trend Analysis - 23 December 2019

Can You Own a Private Jet If You Care About Climate Change?

Hawksford's Global Head of Private Client Services, Darren Kelland, features in a Bloomberg Family Office special report

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Darren Kelland

Global Head of Private Client Services

From offsets to solar-powered planes, the options to lower the carbon footprint of personal air travel today range from easy to almost impossible. 

Darren Kelland has been featured in a recent Bloomberg special report which discusses the impact of private jet ownership on climate change. 

In this extract from the report, Darren discusses 'Eco-guilt' and how younger generations of UHNW are focused on their family's contribution to climate change: 

Lately, however, they’ve come with an added cost: eco-guilt. Younger generations are putting pressure on their wealthy parents and grandparents to consider their family’s contribution to global warming, says Darren Kelland, who handles the affairs of ultrahigh-net-worth clients at Hawksford, a financial-services company based on Jersey, one of the U.K.’s Channel Islands. He recalls that one client’s daughter wouldn’t let her father purchase a private jet without a plan to offset its emissions.

 You can read the full article here: 

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