Our people - 06 June 2016

Hawksford Singapore participates as a Case Study Organisation in the Singapore HR Challenge 2016

Hawksford Singapore is delighted to be a Case Study Organisation in the Singapore HR Challenge 2016, organized by the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI).

Singapore HR Challenge 2016 is organised for the benefit of the students who would get a chance to work with organisations, and to present their best HR practical recommendations, through a business case, to those organisations that they would be working with. Participants are students from polytechnics and Institute of Technical Educations (ITE) in Singapore.

This year’s Singapore HR Challenge explores the theme “Are Our Organisations Future Ready?” The aim is to allow participants to study, analyse and propose how organisations are doing currently and how organisations can be better prepared for what is to come.

Students from ITE Central and Nanyang Polytechnic visited our office on 2 separate occassions to learn about the HR practices at Hawksford Singapore. Conducted by Ms Serene Wai, HR Manager, the students were also brought around the premises. After which, they will submit a report about what they have learnt and present their findings to a panel of judges.

The finals will be held on the 6 and 13 August.

For more information about the competition, visit the competition website here.

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