Commentary - 03 October 2016

Entrepreneurialism - the wealth market and the approach today

In each edition of Hawk-i, we ask one of our up and coming team members to share their thoughts on the theme. Here, Jersey based Senior Fund Administrator Amelia Jeanne, explains what entrepreneurialism means to her.

In essence, entrepreneurialism is about moving forward or enhancing an idea or product. Through careful planning and implementation, entrepreneurs can solve problems, creating efficiencies and generating new ideas that strike a chord with the wider world.

Successful entrepreneurialism can also create significant wealth, both for the company and the individuals behind the innovation, however, it is important to ensure there is an appropriate risk/reward balance.

Charting new markets

Entrepreneurial businesses within the wealth market are constantly looking at ways to grow their geographical footprint, to attract new business, and offer potential clients a service that may not already be available in their marketplace.

An area of development for this is illustrated by Jersey’s Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). On 19 July 2016, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) provided recommendations to grant Jersey funds and managers an AIFMD passport to market and manage funds throughout the European Union. Jersey’s funds services businesses are in a beneficial position and with the granting of this recommendation, Jersey’s robust infrastructure and strong regulatory framework will be a real draw for European entrepreneurs today and in the future.

Partners in innovation

Against the uncertainty in the market today, the Channel Islands are still regarded as a key player in providing investment worldwide. We continue to see growth in the range of different investment vehicles requested by intermediaries.

I consider Hawksford to be an entrepreneurially minded business because it aligns its attributes and offering to its clients’ needs. The team I work with have the skills and experience to be able to provide a flexible and innovative approach. It is important to anticipate and adapt in order to meet the evolving requirements of clients and their advisers.

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