Our people - 21 August 2016

Another Life in Finance student joins us at Hawksford

'Life in Finance' student, Sam Maher joins Hawksford for two weeks under the Jersey Finance Education scheme.

Q. What school did you go to? 

A. Hautlieu School and Le Rocquier

Q. Where are you currently doing your A-levels?

A. Hautlieu School

Q. What subjects are you taking?

A. Financial studies, Biology, English Language, Sport studies

Q. What have you been involved with during your time at Hawksford?

A. I've spent two weeks at Hawksford and had the opportunity to rotate around most areas of the business including Private Client, Corporate, HR, Legal and Marketing. It's meant that I have learnt a lot about each department and what they do, how the client teams interact with clients as well as how they all collaborate together. Private client was probably my favourite area because I was with them for the longest and was given some responsibilities. A lot of work and research goes into each client and I enjoyed the research side of things.

Q. We believe in having fun at Hawksford with a variety of after-work activities - did you have the opportunity to join in any?

A. I was invited to a group surfing lesson one evening after work and also a team BBQ over the weekend. This summer Hawksford is also providing weekly tennis coaching sessions.

Q. What does 'looking forward' mean to you and what are your next career steps?

A. 'Looking forward' to me means a positive and proactive approach. The teams I worked with at Hawksford were very proactive and everyone was willing to take some time to help me. The Business Enablement team worked well together with regular updates and this showed their proactive and practical approach.

Personally, I'm looking forward to finishing my final year at Hautlieu and starting work within the financial sector in Jersey.

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