13 October 2021

Hawksford joins the German-Chinese Business Association (DCW)

To expand Hawksford’s representation of German businesses in China, the company has recently joined the German-Chinese Business Association (DCW) as an active member. The major aim is to extend its reach to the German-Chinese business community and enhance bilateral investment and trade relations between China and Germany.

For more than 35 years, DCW has been Germany´s leading non-profit organisation dedicated to improving business relations between China and Germany. DCW helps its members to get in contact with companies and public authorities in China and Germany. Over 50 events organised by DCW each year provide a very valuable platform to discuss current topics related to German-Chinese businesses and get in touch with speakers, experts, and other multiplicators with the aim of promoting the development of German-Chinese business relations. 

Hawksford German Desk Manager, Sebastian Hoffmann commented: “We are excited to join DCW to expand our reach across the German-Chinese business community further. Being part of the network will benefit our clients from the whole DACH region seeking growth potential in the Chinese market. We are looking forward to contributing with our expertise and we are confident that the network will be beneficial in the progress of bringing both economies together via investments and reliable business relationships built on core values such as trust and mutual respect in a highly competitive business environment full of opportunities.”  

DCW’s General Manager Silke Besser added: "After DCW mainly supported German companies with a focus on China in its founding period, our association has now developed into a bi-national business association. Therefore, for many years now our focus has been on promoting German companies with a focus on China and supporting Chinese companies that focus on Germany. For this reason, the proportion of DCW members based in China is steadily increasing. We are even more pleased to welcome Hawksford as a new member of DCW, therefore look forward to their active participation in our business association and hope that both sides can benefit from each other." 

Hawksford has over a decade of experience in business establishments in China and across Asia. We have already assisted many German companies in a wide range of industries focusing on manufacturing, retail, technology, innovation, trading, and luxury fashion. Our multilingual team with the assigned German desk in Shanghai guides companies from the whole DACH region to understand China’s fast-evolving regulatory and tax environment, explore the best structures for business, take on the burden of corporate administrative work, and ultimately accelerate business growth.  

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Sebastian Hoffman
Sebastian Hoffmann

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Sebastian is part of the Sales and Business Development team in China, in charge of Hawksford German Desk.

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