About Hawksford - 08 June 2020

Hawksford has launched an official WeChat account!

Hawksford is delighted to announce the launch of our official account on WeChat. Hawksford already supports and facilitates many foreign investing international businesses with their Chinese business strategy and operations from our six offices in China and other international locations.

Whether clients are entering the China market, or seeking outbound investment opportunities, our new WeChat channel will assist with valuable market insight, the latest news, and practical ‘how to’ guides.

This bi-lingual WeChat account in Chinese and English will bring you:

  • China inbound investment news and trend analysis
  • Free access to business guides about company incorporation, regulatory, financial and tax compliance, and corporate governance
  • Business opportunities in the key growth markets in China
  • Registrations for online and offline events
  • Services and guides on doing business in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Europe


At Hawksford, we provide the highest quality of service in the most efficient manner, serving foreign and domestic companies, to help them grow their business operations in China. The latest exciting development in terms of applied technology and customer service, is our WeChat account. WeChat will bring you the latest impact updates, thought leadership and ‘how to’ guides, from across Asia and Europe.”  

Peter Zhu, Chief Operating Officer - PRC

Hawksford has long been the ‘Wikipedia’ for successful business in Asia, via our ‘GuideMeSingapore’ and ‘GuideMeHongKong’ platforms.  We are excited to now be able to share our service offering over WeChat, enabling foreign and domestic corporate investors and UHNW families to make the most of their business decisions and wealth in the international markets of choice.

   Cherith Fothergill, Global Head of BD and Marketing

Follow us on WeChat by scanning the QR code below or searching the account name.

  • Account name: Hawksford恒可富
  • Account ID: Hawksford






我们的中、英双语微信公众号将会为您带来以下内容, 敬请关注!

  • 中国大陆市场的外商投资新闻与趋势分析
  • 免费营商指南,主题包括:公司设立、行业监管、财税合规与企业治理等
  • 中国大陆地区主要经济增长市场的投资机会
  • 网络研讨会及线下行业活动注册
  • 恒可富的专业服务(包括中国大陆、中国香港特别行政区、新加坡及欧洲)与营商指南

在 恒可富,我们始终秉持高质量的服务理念和高效的工作方式,为中国本地及外资企业提供全面的帮助,引领国际公司在中国实现业务发展。在数字营销方面,我们特别成立了 恒可富微信公众号,并希望通过此双语平台能为广大海内外投资者带去欧亚市场时下最新的投资新闻和具有价值的营商指南。


我们真诚地希望通过 恒可富微信公众号,能为跨国企业、富时上市公司、中小企业、企业家以及全球各地的高净值客户提供值得信赖的服务与帮助。无论我们的客户身处一个或多个国际市场,恒可富都会为他们定制独家商业战略,并赋能实现商业目标。

扫描下方二维码或搜索账户名称即可关注 恒可富

  • 账户名称:Hawksford 恒可富
  • 账户ID:Hawksford

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