12 September 2016

Life in Finance student discusses his time at Hawksford

'Life in Finance' student, Daniel Le Miere joins Hawksford for the week under the Jersey Finance Education scheme.

Here Daniel talks to us on all things tech and his experience at Hawksford working with the Business Enablement team

Q: What is your favourite tech gadget?

A: iPhone 6s

Q: What is your favourite app?

A: 10/10

A: Facebook

Q: Instagram or Snapchat?

A: Snapchat

Q: What is important about technology in the workplace?

A: Technology makes it easier for staff in different departments and locations to communicate.

Q: How is Hawksford embracing technology in the workplace?

A: The IT team is constantly investing and improving Hawksford's digital technology and processes. They are keen to give staff up to date technology if it helps make processes simpler. For example, at the moment all portable devices are currently being updated with the latest software to ensure they have the latest technology and security settings.

Q: Biggest tech frustration?

A: Slow computers

Q: What have you been involved with at Hawksford?

A: I have been working with the Business Enablement team, shadowing the helpdesk to understand the type of queries they receive and understand how these are resolved. I worked with the technical team to learn how the Hawksford IT infrastructure is set up across the international offices, particularly in Singapore. I've also worked with the data admin team and document management teams to understand data management and electronic filing processes. The highlight has been my time with the project management team understanding how they plan and execute largescale projects.

Q: We believe in having fun at Hawksford with a variety of after-work activities - did you have the opportunity to join in any?

A: Yes, I was invited to activities such as 5-a-side football and surfing which are available to all staff.

Q: What does 'looking forward' mean to you and what are you next career steps?

A: I will finish my A-levels and then the next step for me will hopefully be university, where I want to study for a financial services degree.

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