Jeroen Van Zanten

Jeroen van Zanten

Business Development Director

Areas of Expertise

  • Regulatory services development
  • Private equity structuring
  • Family wealth
  • Multi-jurisdictional planning


Jeroen is a specialist in network building, strategy planning, business digitalization and product innovation with an expertise in regulatory services development, private equity structuring, family wealth, and multi-jurisdictional planning.

Jeroen has lived and worked in the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, and the US and has established a reliable track record in corporate and private planning as well as in the fund industry, where he deals extensively with corporate and multinational clients, high net worth individuals and family offices and fund managers and their investors. He creatively combines his educational and business experiences to build solution-oriented approaches to ever evolving businesses.

In previous roles, Jeroen was responsible for global marketing activities & business development within the corporate division of the Citco Group of Companies, developing strong commercial relationships with international players. He opened new markets for the company, helping in its expansion, positioning its brand and pushing for product digitalization, extending its reach, all of which translated into continuous revenue. He also led the commercial transformation at TMF Group with a special focus on the market-facing corporate growth agenda, driving revenue and market opportunities by developing products and services and promoting strategic expansion complementing existing service capabilities.

Notable Achievements

  • Frequent speaker at industry-related seminars and conferences across the globe.


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