Probate Services

Have you been named as an Executor in the Will? Have you been nominated as administrator of the Estate and there is no Will and you would prefer not to have to appear at the Probate Registry in Jersey, wait for an appointment and/or collect all the paperwork they require?

Perhaps you need to make a UK probate application but would prefer for us to deal with HMRC for Inheritance tax purposes and gather the information about the value of the assets so that you can move on to administer the Estate?

We can help you with the UK or Jersey probate application so you don’t have to. We can prepare and process the application and deal with the Courts and Probate Registry for you so you can move matters forward and administer the estate once we have obtained the Grant on your behalf.

The type of probate application we can assist with will depend on where the assets are and where the deceased was domiciled when they died. 

We offer:

Jersey Probate Services...

UK Probate Services...

Exceptional people

Here are some of our specialists that you can talk to about our wills and probate services.

Charlotte Elliott

Associate Director, Wills & Probate

Marcus Hinkley

Head of Private Client Services Services - Asia

Michael Powell

Client Director, Private Client Services

Jeremy Johnson



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