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Our Vulnerable Client Services

We offer advice and services to assist clients seeking to protect themselves against the risk of future mental and/or physical incapacity.

We are able to assist in a variety of services that can assist those seeking to protect themselves against future incapacity or looking for assistance for their friends or family who have physical or mental incapacity. From drafting Lasting Powers of Attorney to the registration of International powers of attorney, deputyships and guardianship orders for use in Jersey. We also provide fiduciary and administration services for vulnerable clients in Jersey.

Our solutions include:

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  • Curatorships

    We offer a processional curatorship service for persons who have been considered by a doctor to be incapable by reason of mental or physical disorder of managing and administering their property and affairs in Jersey.

    A curator is someone appointed by the Royal Court under the Mental Health (Jersey) Law, 1969 to conduct the affairs of someone found by the court to be incapable of managing and administering his or her own property and affairs by reason of mental or physical disorder.


    These services are available from:

    • JERSEY
  • Power of Attorney in Jersey

    We also offer a professional service as attorney to those who would like the assistance of a professional in managing their property and affairs.

    A Power of Attorney is a written authorisation to represent another person in respect of their legal affairs. The donor of a Power of Attorney gives instructions to the attorney to act in the manner he determines. For an attorney to have authority to act the donor of the Power of Attorney has to have sufficient mental capacity to give instructions.

    If having given a Power of Attorney the person loses that mental capacity then the attorney can no longer rely upon the Power of Attorney previously granted. This position is different from the position in England where a donor can grant a Lasting Power of Attorney which if registered means that the attorney can continue to act after the donor is unable to give instructions.

    If mental capacity to give instructions is lost in Jersey the only way in which somebody can act on behalf of another is if they are formally appointed as a Curator.


    These services are available from:

    • JERSEY
  • UK Lasting Power of Attorney

    A lasting power of attorney (LPA) can be used to allow the named individual to make future decisions on your behalf if at some point in the future you are unable to make them because of illness or incapacity. 

    There are two types of lasting power of attorney:

    1. Health and welfare lasting power of attorney - Your attorney can make decisions about your medical care, daily routine and living arrangements.
    2. Property and finance lasting power of attorney - Your attorney can make decisions about your home, bank accounts, bills and pension.

    To make an LPA you must:

    • be over 18
    • live in England or Wales
    • be capable of making your own decisions
    • be able to read, write and understand English
    • be able to confirm your information over the phone and in writing


    These services are available from:

    • JERSEY
  • Living Will

    Living Wills are also known as Advance Directives or Advance Decisions.

    It is a personal statement made by you to confirm what medical treatment you do not wish to receive should you lose mental capacity or be unable to communicate in the future.

    They must not be confused with a Will dealing with your assets and belongings. A Living Will does not deal with your estate on your death it simply deals with your medical care and treatment.

    In your Living Will you can make an express decision to refuse treatments to keep you alive i.e. CPR and life support. There are however limitations which we can discuss in more detail.


    These services are available from:

    • JERSEY
  • Registration of Documentation in Jersey

    We can assist individuals seeking to register powers of attorney, deputyships and guardianship orders in Jersey.


    These services are available from:

    • JERSEY

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