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Guiding businesses is the leading Singapore-focused business information portal that provides a host of resources for entrepreneurs and corporates who are looking to set up a business in or relocate to Singapore.

 We've seen the frustrations our clients have in navigating the legal, tax and regulatory requirements of Singapore. contains more than 1,000 comprehensive articles and resources to help you get started and alleviate these challenges.

Industry guides

Be advised on the steps you need to take to start up a company in a certain industry in Singapore, including the regulatory and licensing requirements.

Tax calculator

Estimate how much corporate and personal taxes you will pay in Singapore as compared to your home country.

Industry specific tax incentives

Find out whether your business is eligible for tax incentives in Singapore.

Government funding and assistance schemes

Check the list of government programmes to find out whether your business is eligible for assistance.

Private funding options

Learn where you can find angel investors and venture capitalists in Singapore.

Office space

Get information on general costs, locations, and the tenancy agreement process in Singapore.

Business banking

Compare how easy it is for a foreign company or start-up to set up a corporate bank account across different banks in Singapore.

Cost of living guide

Find out the general costs of food, accommodations, utilities, transportation, healthcare, education and childcare in Singapore.

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