We are looking for someone experienced and talented to join our Professional Accounting Team.

Changshu - China

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The type of person we are looking for:

  • Bachelor degree in accounting, financial management, etc.;
  • Adapt to flexible field work;
  • Have an accounting qualification;
  • Proficient use of U8 and other financial software and ERP software;
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills and cross-sectoral collaboration skills;
  • Good oral and written English skills;
  • Experience in outsourcing accounting is preferred;
  • Excellent graduates are also acceptable.


Principal accountabilities: 

  • Be responsible for the daily income and expenditure, cash management, cash journal registration, irregular spot checking of the reserve funds, do account match;
  • Be responsible for employee reimbursement of travel expenses and other work;
  • Use financial software to produce various certificates, check the classification of accounting subjects;
  • Handle banking-related business, accounting of expenses, etc.;
  • Keep relevant seals, blank receipts and blank cheques and credit certificates, wire transfer certificates;
  • Assist accountants in handling various accounts;
  • Be responsible for the booklet, statement, subpoena binding, custody, accounting files management;
  • Work arranged by other companies.


This job description is a guide to the principal, current duties of the job. It does not form part of the contract of employment.

(Data collected will be used for recruitment purpose only)

To find out more or have a confidential discussion, please email