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Probate application services for Jersey assets

We can support your application for probate for Jersey assets where the deceased was domiciled in England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and Jersey.

In Jersey the probate registry has a fast track application process which allows the executor or administrator to apply for probate and avoid the need for the executor, administrator or a member of the team at Hawksford to attend the probate registry. The application can only be made through an approved provider in Jersey. Hawksford Executors Limited has been approved to make these applications and we are therefore able to assist you with this.

The fast track application process is only available if the following circumstances apply:

  1. The deceased was domiciled in England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Guernsey or the Isle of Man; and
  2. A Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration has been obtained in the country of domicile.

Probate checklist

In order to proceed we will require the following:

  1. The original death certificate.
  2. Confirmation letter or valuation from the Jersey asset holder(s) of the value of the asset(s) in Jersey.
  3. A court sealed and court-certified copy of the grant of probate issued in the country of domicile (including all pages of the will and any codicils thereto duly sealed and certified by the Probate Registrar having custody of the original document(s)). Please note that an office copy, a sealed copy or a copy certified by solicitors is not acceptable to the probate registry due diligence
  4. We will also require due diligence of each executor or administrator named in the grant this will include:
    1. A certified copy passport;
    2. An original or certified copy utility bill or bank statement from each executor or administrator named on the grant; and
    3. A completed and signed client due diligence form which we can provide.

Please note that all documents must be certified in accordance with our client due diligence form.


We charge a fixed fee of £750.

Stamp duty is also payable to the probate registry and is calculated in accordance with the value of the assets situate in Jersey. We can confirm the amount payable once the value of the asset has been confirmed. An application fee of £80 is also payable to the Probate Registry.

We will require payment of our fees and stamp duty in advance of the probate application.

The information above is intended to be a guide. Please do not hesitate to call or email us to arrange a free consultation to discuss how we can assist you with your probate application. This guide should not be considered as a substitute for specific legal advice. It should be noted that the contents of this guide relate only to individuals domiciled in England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Guernsey.

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