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Property Services

We provide guidance on the most appropriate type of structure to hold real estate that best suits your requirements.

Hawksford has a depth of experience working on investments in residential, commercial and retail property. Today we work for one of the largest real estate houses in the GCC and are currently project managing a multi-million pound development in London.

Our experience lies in the structuring of property ownership, funding, directorship, management (including working alongside property agents, planning advisers, and design consultants), regulatory reporting (including ATED) and organising the purchase, the development, and/or the eventual sale or letting of the property.

Why do you need an expert property-administration team?

If you're looking to establish a new property investment or development vehicle, you'll need to appoint a partner who can offer you guidance, based on many years of knowledge and experience.

You'll want direction on what type of structure is most appropriate for your investment, be it a trust, unit trust, company, limited partnership, foundation or cell company. You'll also want to know whether this structure should be established in Jersey or in another jurisdiction further afield. You may already be an experienced investor in the sector and therefore want a partner which can offer you a flexible, hassle free service which is no more complicated than day to day administration of your portfolio.

Whether your investment is in residential, commercial or retail property, whether you're a first time investor or seasoned real estate expert, a trusted real estate partner will provide you with a tailored team of experts who can each advise you on the status of your investment at any given time.

Why Hawksford?

Each member of our real estate team has specialist knowledge of a wide variety of real estate structures and a background in one or more of our activities in trusts, companies, commercial and funds. The team is headed by directors and associate directors including the head of our funds team, who is involved in many of our property matters. We will often work with specialist external consultants, some of whom join us on the boards of various property companies.

We recognise the importance of detail when establishing a new real estate investment or development vehicle. It is after all key that the establishment is completed as quickly as possible, that the entity is structured efficiently and that it is professionally administered in accordance with tax and legal advice.

We pride ourselves on offering good governance and effective management and control, backed up by proper record keeping. The range of our activities reflects the diverse requirements of our international client base and those resident in the United Kingdom.

How can we help?

We start by listening to and understanding your requirements and handpicking the best team to look after your needs. With a tailored approach from day one, we ensure you receive a level of support and guidance that makes you feel comfortable.

If required, we are happy to guide you through the investment process. This may involve the structuring of property ownership and funding, directorship, management (including working alongside property agents, planning advisers, and design consultants), regulatory reporting (including FATCA, AIFMD) and organising the purchase, the development, and/or the eventual sale or letting of the property

We also have excellent relationships with major lending organisations and can assist with the sourcing, negotiation, management and coordination of finance and re-finance.

We provide a flexible approach to reporting, which enables us to prepare tailored reports to fit your specific requirements. Reporting can include, book-keeping, accounting and accounts consolidation, assistance with tax reporting/compliance and the management of property portfolios.

Our expertise

Expertise is best measured by what has been achieved. In these brief client case studies (Case Study 1  |  Case study 2) we highlight the various ways we have helped our clients. Each case is a demonstration of our ethos of thinking beyond tomorrow and shows impeccable client service.


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