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Philanthropy and socially responsible investing are now core considerations for many individuals, families and businesses as they adapt and align their values with their wealth management strategy.

At Hawksford we have a dedicated team who work with a network of experts to assist you or your business to give more effectively and make a positive impact on issues that are close to your heart. 


For many wealthy individuals and families, charitable giving and socially responsible investing is becoming an increasingly important issue. Many see the creation and maintenance of philanthropic structures as part of a wider process of engaging the next generation in the responsibilities of wealth management and as a way to pass on family values. 

Impact Investing 

The Global Impact Investing Network stated that impact investing challenges the long-held views that social and environmental issues should be addressed only by philanthropic donations, and those market investments should focus exclusively on achieving financial returns. Impact investing is a strategy that focuses’ on ethical investments which generate a measurable social and environmental impact whilst also generating a financial return and is increasingly the strategy of choice which is being adopted by of many of our clients.  While financial returns are important in impact investing they are rarely the primary driver in selecting an investment of this nature.

Venture Philanthropy

Another area that is developing rapidly is social entrepreneurship and venture philanthropy. Young entrepreneurs often want to make a social impact and use their experience of running their own successful business to have a positive social impact on the world and, in some instances, also generate a return. Hawksford can provide various structures in which to make such investments such as companies, funds or limited partnerships vehicles. 

Effective Structuring – Our Solutions

For individuals, families or businesses Hawksford can provide a framework for planned and strategic giving or socially responsible investing.

We bring expertise in finding the most appropriate vehicle for managing a diverse range of philanthropic endeavours whether that be in your lifetime or as part of your estate planning.  We are experienced in establishing Foundations, Charitable Companies and Trusts which stand up to scrutiny and meet the highest standards of transparency and governance.

Our solutions are tailored to your meet your personal objectives whilst ensuring they are tax-efficient. We also offer Sharia-compliant structures and governance in accordance with Sharia principles.

Charitable and Non-Charitable Trusts 

Jersey's trust legislation allows for both charitable and non-charitable purpose trusts. It is possible to establish a trust for charitable purposes or for purposes that may not be technically defined as charitable but are still philanthropic in nature. 
Setting up your own trust provides a confidential framework for planning your charitable giving in an organised and thoughtful way which can continue beyond your lifetime. 


Jersey foundations are increasingly used by philanthropists as an alternative to trusts. They are flexible, transparent but confidential. They are also a useful tool to facilitate collaboration between philanthropists with common goals.

Foundations can be charitable or non-charitable and capable of providing personal benefits. A Foundation is a legal entity that is a hybrid of a Trust and a Company. Similar to a company, it will be publicly registered and is governed by a council in accordance with its charter and regulations but it is also like a Trust in that a Foundation must have one or more objects which may be a charitable or non-charitable purpose and/or be for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries.  

Charitable Company 

The use of a company limited by guarantee provides for legal separation and limitation of liability. The company is governed by the board of directors in accordance with the memorandum and articles of association which identify the charitable objects and public benefit expected to arise. 

Legacy planning 

A financial strategy that prepares a person to bequeath his or her assets to a charitable cause following their death.

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