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Fund Accounting Services

Our specialist fund accountants make sure that the fund’s reporting accurately reflects the underlying constitutional documents and the ongoing activities of the fund.

Our fund accountants will form part of a dedicated team and will work with you from the on-boarding phase to ensure appropriate reporting is developed to satisfy all the fund’s stakeholder requirements.

We recognise that every fund is different and there is not a 'one size fits' all solution. We work with you whether you are a new technology startup focused manager raising your first fund, or part of an established real estate group with a pedigree of performance to maintain, we will develop a full suite of account and financial reporting processes that are fit for purpose.

We work closely with other third-party providers (lawyers, auditors, tax advisors, property managers, etc.) to ensure a joined up service. By outsourcing the accounting and financial reporting the fund aims to ensure the financial information presented is consistent with the fund investor’s expectations. We will agree service level agreements (SLAs) upfront and closely monitor these throughout the fund’s life cycle.

Our fund accounting services include:

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  • Maintenance of Accounting Records

    We recognise the importance of ensuring a fund’s financial books and records are maintained to the highest standard allowing for informed decision making, accurate investor reporting and regulatory compliance.

    Our accountants work closely with the administrators to ensure the timely and accurate recording of the fund’s transactions.

    An overview of the services included:

    • Initial set up and chart  of accounts
    • Clearly set deliverables to ensure all bookkeeping is accurately maintained
    • Review of information obtained prior to bookkeeping
    • Liaising with intermediaries/banks directly to obtain supporting documentation
    • Reconciliation of bank statements

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  • Accounts Payable

    We will maintain a record of the fund's ongoing costs and expenses to assist with liquidity analysis and the ability of the fund to meet its expenses as they fall due.

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  • Audit Coordination

    We take on the administrative burden of managing the day-to-day audit process allowing your conversations with the auditors to focus on the significant issues and value added services.

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  • Production of Investor Capital Accounts

    We will produce investor capital accounts in line with industry best practice (ILPA compliant) to ensure full transparency with the funds investors.

    We will collect the all the necessary data in accordance with our SLA’s and prepare a full supporting pack of documentation at each reporting date including underlying valuations in advance of the fund board’s approval and distribution to the investors.

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  • Carried Interest & Management Fee Calculations

    A thorough understanding and application of carried interest and management fee calculations is critical to a fund’s reputation and success.

    We will ensure there is an upfront understanding of mechanics for each calculation in-line with the funds constitutional documents. We will develop the template calculations for board approval and ensure these are updated throughout the fund’s life cycle.

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Speak to our fund experts

Here are some of our fund specialists that you can talk to about our services.

Simon Page

Global Head of Fund Services

Jon Taylor

Associate Director, Fund Services

Bobby Stirling

Global Head of Client Accounting


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