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Director Services

Hawksford's experienced team can provide Fund Director Services to meet the needs of funds across the alternative investment market including Venture Capital, Private Equity and Real Estate.

How Hawksford can help you:

  • Hawksford can provide highly experienced Directors to the boards of investment funds, and access to an extensive portfolio of Independent Directors through our broad network of contacts.
  • Ongoing review and assessment of operations and promotion plans/target markets and in the investor profile 
  • Regular review of financial and performance reports 
  • Review and approve annual audited financial statements and related documents 
  • A culture of sharing knowledge, insight, experience and best practices in order to bring significant added value to all of our clients.
  • Provide regulatory and industry updates 
  • Handling ad-hoc fund-related issues requiring director decisions 
  • Virtual and in-person attendance of board meetings 
  • Sharing of operational and governance best practices 
  • Respond to investor due diligence requests
  • Oversight of the fund’s management and operations providing for investor protection and ensuring that all decisions and actions made are in the best interests of the fund.

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Simon Page

Global Head of Fund Services

Jon Taylor

Associate Director, Fund Services

Bobby Stirling

Global Head of Client Accounting


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