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Banking Services

As your fund administrator, we shall set up a mandate with your preferred bank (which can be one of our e-banking service providers) and perform day-to-day cash management including instruction, reconciliation and bookkeeping.

In accordance with the fund’s documentation and advice from your investment manager, we can additionally place and settle foreign exchange and hedging trades.

Our expertise includes:

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  • Safekeeping & Custody

    We have policies and procedures covering the safekeeping and custody of assets and investments belonging to your fund.

    We ensure that the transaction of assets in the fund are carried out in accordance with the rules of the fund;  that the value of the fund is calculated in accordance with the fund’s valuation principles and that we maintain accurate records.

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  • Payments & Cash Management

    Having opened a banking relationship with one of our panel of e-banking solutions or your preferred provider, we can manage the daily payments and cash management of the fund in line with the constitutional documents and investment advice.

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  • Cash Deposits to Foreign Exchange

    We can arrange longer term cash deposits on behalf of the fund together with arranging foreign exchange transactions in line with the fund’s documentation or investment advice.

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  • Operational Bank Accounts

    We work closely with a panel of global banking organisations that provide excellent corporate e-banking solutions as well as having relationships with a wide range of international banks with which we can operate banking relations.

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Speak to our fund experts

Here are some of our fund specialists that you can talk to about our services.

Simon Page

Global Head of Fund Services

Jon Taylor

Associate Director, Fund Services

Bobby Stirling

Global Head of Client Accounting


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