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Why Jersey for Funds?

Jersey is a leading funds jurisdiction with more than 50 years' experience in structuring, managing and administering funds.

Providing significant flexibility for investor needs, Jersey continues to improve laws and regulations in order to provide better choices for investors.  Jersey is one of the world’s leading international finance centres. Its successful combination of stability and reliability combined with tax neutrality has kept Jersey at the forefront of global finance for 50 years. During this time Jersey has gained a strong reputation as a prime location in which to establish funds. 

Substance and sophistication.

Why Jersey is a leading funds jurisdiction

  • Politically and financially stable

  • UK time zone and connection

  • EU market access but outside AIFMD

  • Tax neutrality 

  • Expertise and deep industry knowledge of its providers

With a business day that begins before Asia closes and continues well into New York trading time and a close proximity to Europe whilst retaining independence from the EU, Jersey is the ideal location for large, multi-national funds that need a natural base.

Jersey offers seasoned and proven service providers across a variety of disciplines so substance and management of entities can be delivered on the ground, in house.

The wealth of experience and expertise offered by the Island’s highly skilled financial service providers gives an unparalleled launch pad to businesses and investors alike and Jersey enjoys ease of access to the major UK investor market. With a wealth of service providers to choose from, find out why Hawksford is best placed to support your fund:

Hawksford for Funds.

Sector Specialism:  Hawkford provides a rigorous, technical and dynamic administration service to the alternative funds sector.  We are particularly well known for strength and expertise in the administration of private equity, real estate and venture capital.

Hawksford Fund Services

Hawksford is a premier, outsourced, service provider to the alternative investment market.

Fund Services

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