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Outsourced Payroll Services

Local payroll compliance for your global payroll operations

We make paying your employees simple. Outsource your payroll requirements, and eliminate unnecessary burden, error, time and risk.

Outsourced payroll services

Take a step into a new and more efficient world of employee payroll, leave, and expense claims management with Hawksford, a leading provider of international payroll outsourcing services.

Our teams of payroll professionals and carefully selected software options help you handle all your process-driven activities allowing your human resources and payroll personnel to focus on the employee experience. Regardless of the scale of your needs, we provide you with quality managed payroll administration services, delivered professionally every time. Whether your business is after an integrated cloud-based software solution, partial support, or a completely outsourced payroll service model for the wider HR and Payroll function, Hawksford is ready to help with payroll outsourcing services. 


Expanding internationally...

... and/or setting up in a new jurisdiction? Interpreting legislation, complying with local rules, and providing the required documentation in multiple jurisdictions - all tiresome tasks that drain resources. Outsourced payroll can resolve this.
Simplify now. 

Private Equity

Is your business growing...

... and do you need to focus on the central business functions? Outsource payroll to us and be sure you are on the right track. Make sure your employees have confidence in what is a crucial process for every business.
Outsource now.



Switching service providers?

Are you considering switching service providers? Switching is easy, contact us, and we will arrange a smooth and simple transition for outsourced payroll.
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Simplify your payroll with Hawksford. Get in touch today to find out about our payroll outsourcing services.

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Why outsource your payroll to Hawksford?


Local payroll management on a global scale

Certified, experienced, local and international professionals to conform to compliance regulations.


Carefully selected cloud payroll infrastructure

Our payroll platforms help solve critical business challenges often faced in foreign markets, keeping people costs low & saving time.


Tailored solutions

Integration of our payroll solutions with your preferred HR capital management systems, including Netsuite, Xero, SAP, and inclusive of training for your local payroll & HR teams.

Global Payroll Services

Providing outsourced payroll services to over 450 clients globally, with a broad spectrum of industries from retail to manufacturing.  Our results speak for themselves.

Hawksford is ready to help you with getting your payroll outsourced.

  • By calculating payment deposits into individual employees’ bank accounts, we can assist with the entire administrative payroll process and provide customised payroll reports. We offer comprehensive statutory and managerial reports and statistics.

    Outsourced payroll allows you to be sure that you are on the right track.

  • We manage all your employees’ salary and statutory deduction calculations for you, then make the payment arrangements to keep your employees and statutory authorities happy. Also, we determine final payment upon termination of services of an employee and arrange settlement.

    Regardless of the scale of your needs, we provide you with quality managed outsourced payroll services, delivered professionally every time.

    Hawksford is ready to help you with getting your payroll outsourced.

  • You and your employees get 24/7 access anytime, anywhere, on a browser or mobile app to our online employee management platform. We use the best cloud-based management software supporting multi-language, flow control, user-friendly reports, and access control. The cloud platform can meet the demands of enterprises of all sizes. Functions such as information notification and mail tracking allow increased work efficiency and thus reduces costs. Employees can check and amend personal details in the system. By selecting different leave types, employees can submit leave applications, check leave balance and track the approval flow.

    Hawksford is ready to help you with getting your payroll outsourced.

  • Your employees will require contracts that are in accordance with local laws. We supply employment contracts and handbooks that meet legal requirements in your jurisdiction. We also manage your employees’ benefits to ensure that you and your employees understand what level you are at.
  • We provide preparation of year-end tax forms for employees, prepare personal tax returns for filing personal tax computation, and file tax returns for your employees according to local procedures and laws.

    Hawksford is ready to help you with getting your payroll outsourced.

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Speak to an Expert

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