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Tax Compliance Services

We work on tax compliance and planning for the benefit of our clients. We can help with any or all of your compliance needs and offer you a flexible structuring solution based on your objectives.

Tax Compliance Planning

Some of the many areas we can assist you with are:

  • Personal tax planning, completion of tax returns
  • Benefits packages, remuneration planning, employment tax
  • Corporation tax compliance and planning
  • Partnership tax
  • Retirement planning and capital gains tax
  • Value added tax, preparation of VAT returns, VAT planning, VAT health checks
  • Revenue & Customs investigations
  • Residence, emigration and immigration

Tax Compliance Reporting

Effective tax compliance reporting is critical to the successful functioning of any business. We take the burden of tax compliance reporting and with our skilled team ensure that the reporting is compiled in accordance with the tax authorities’ expectations and filings are completed in advance of regulatory deadlines.

We work with a network of advisers, or our client’s chosen advisor, to assist with our clients’ filing and tax obligations. Although we do not give tax advice we keep our knowledge up-to-date so we are aware of the current topics to facilitate discussions with our clients. Our in-house tax awareness has assisted us in the development of new procedures ensure transparency between you, Hawksford and the tax authorities.

The services include:

  • Ensure tax deadlines are diarised for timely reporting
  • Compilation of supporting documentation for year end tax and quarterly VAT returns
  • Compilation of supporting documentation for K1’s
  • Compilation and submission of  UK VAT returns
  • Compilation and submission of annual income tax returns
  • Completion and submission of ATED (Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings) return
  • Compilation of CRS and FATCA information and annual submissions

Service availability

These services are available from our offices in:


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