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Specialist advice for particular industry sectors

Hawksford provide specialist advice for particular industry sectors, such as International Trading Companies, Leisure Developers and FCA registered entities.

Specialist sectors:

  • Services for International Trading Companies

    The firm is well known for helping businesses based outside the UK to trade internationally using UK companies.

    There are numerous special uses for UK companies and information on the more popular ones is as follows:

    • UK International Holding Companies
    • UK Limited Liability Partnerships
    • UK Royalty Companies
    • UK Non-Resident Companies
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  • Services for Leisure Developers

    The firm has wide experience of assisting developers of golf courses, villas and apartments, and hotels in the UK, the Caribbean and Southern Europe. 

    The firm's clients have included some of the most prestigious golf clubs recently built in the UK. Specialist services that can be provided include:
    • Club rules
    • Equity based club membership schemes
    • Debt based club membership schemes
    • Front of house and back of house accounting systems review and implementation
    • Specialist tax advices, including VAT advices and capital allowances claims
    • Compliance, audit, accountancy and taxation services

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  • Services for Financial Conduct Authority Registered Entities

    The firm has significant experience of acting for entities involved in the Financial Services Industry, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

    Our clients include investment banks, venture capital funds, money dealers and bankers, and mortgage brokers. We offer the following range of services for start-ups and established businesses in the Financial Conduct Authority sector:
    • FCA Applications
    • Outsourced Services
    • Compliance Services
    • Working with Other FCA Sector Professionals

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