Zuehlke Engineering: Enabling Seamless Expansion in Asia



Founded in 1968, Zuehlke Engineering is a multinational company operating in seven countries and employing over 1,000 people. It helps companies successfully deliver innovative and complex digital, software and hardware solutions, at scale. Its holistic approach and customer journey focus drives innovation and, ultimately, its global success.


Client's challenge

The client was well established across Europe and in Singapore. It now needed to establish itself in Hong Kong, opening a new office for at least 20 employees. This presented many logistical and administrative challenges which had to be handled carefully to ensure a completely smooth operation was maintained during this substantial development.


The Outcome

Zuehlke Engineering’s expansion into Hong Kong was conducted seamlessly. Within a short time, the new office was set up and running a successful operation. Our project management credentials combined with local and multijurisdictional knowledge meant the best range of skills and experience were utilised to meet the needs of the client.


How were we best placed to assist?

Our operations span Europe and Asia; with offices in the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong we were able to offer local and international expertise, support and strategic knowledge. Our delivery focused, professional team was able to provide a full setup of the client’s new office covering every aspect of the move including visas for employees, payroll, payments, taxes and company secretarial services. This required strong project management and faultless communications to ensure every aspect of the expansion was taken care of and the client was supported throughout the process.




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