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Launching a business into a new region? Outsourcing back office services to boost profits and reduce risk?  Need seamless support for an important transaction?

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All companies, at some stage of their development, are subject to strategic change.  Some may want to expand operations, others to simplify.  Hawksford has a robust and international corporate offering, based on many years of experience. Our multi-disciplinary team helps to guide you through the structuring of your operating and investment vehicles and the facilitation of your business operations. 

Your reputation is important. We understand

In a market where there is intense scrutiny, constant change and ever more regulatory and business hurdles to overcome, it is no surprise that clients want to ensure their company’s legal, financial and administrative matters are being properly seen to. We have a long history of working in highly regulated Jersey. Hawksford has developed exemplary corporate governance practices and policies. Our policies go above and beyond satisfying regulatory requirements; they drive the effective management of structures, promote ethical practices and provide greater transparency for shareholders.

Commercial pedigree

Recognised for our global strengths in real estate structuring, complex structuring and planning for multijurisdictional companies. Our clients represent a wide variety of companies including insurance, property, media, energy, shipping, mining, manufacturing, technology and trade. Our range of corporate services includes cross-border structuring for large commercial and trading businesses, corporate finance transactions, as well as solutions for smaller corporates and start-ups to support their growth and expansion ambitions.


Our ingrained culture of entrepreneurialism means we are perfectly positioned to work with clients who have generated their own wealth. For those attracted to all that Asia has to offer, we’ve created the online resources, GuideMeSingapore.com and GuideMeHongKong.com. You’ll find more than 2,000 resources, country guides and industry updates to help you with the complexities of starting your business in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

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