Family office outsourcing
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Four benefits of outsourcing your family office needs

The role of the family office is to unify and consolidate the often complex and varied affairs of a family. On many occasions, wealthy families don’t have the time or the expertise to manage the processes and strategies involved. Here, Darren Kelland, Global Head of Private Client Services, explains some of the advantages of using family office experts to handle your wealth planning requirements.

Family office outsourcing

1. Optimisation of your wealth planning

A family office can provide a coherent overview of a family's affairs, taking a holistic approach that highlights gaps, inefficiencies and opportunities. As a result, it can then facilitate an informed, proactive approach to managing wealth, highlight areas of improvement and ensure that the most effective plans for your family’s future are firmly in place.

2. Ensuring your family affairs are always up to date

Both the outside world and your family dynamic are constantly changing – whether that is through changes to tax regulations or births, marriages or deaths, for instance. Such changes can potentially render your existing wealth planning out of date. Having a team at your fingertips that can react when necessary and deal with every detail when changes do occur, ensures that your planning remains current.

3. Discretion as standard

For many families, one of the highest priorities when using outsourced family office services is discretion and the highest possible level of confidentiality. Outsourcing to an external provider ensures proper ring-fencing, corporate governance and due diligence, while maintaining the perfect balance between privacy and transparency for regulatory needs.

4. Peace of mind

For families of all sizes, simply keeping on top of all key matters can be challenging, and prioritising some family affairs can mean that others are left untended. Family office outsourcing can help provide certainty that everything that matters to you is in safe hands. From secure and certain estate planning and asset protection to ensuring the preservation of family wealth for future generations.

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Darren Kelland
Darren Kelland

Global Head of Private Client Services

Darren is an experienced guardian when it comes to the assets and financial affairs for ultra HNW individuals and families. He has substantial experience as both a trustee and a director on complex trust structures, family offices and multinational companies, and has provided administration services for high profile and influential individuals, entrepreneurs and long established families with considerable private capital and varied business interests.

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