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We build unique private family office solutions based on the goals of each individual family; as the circumstances, needs and expectations of every family are unique, so must our services be.

Private family office solutions

Over 60 years of Private Client heritage

We work closely with ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their advisers to meet the diverse objectives of UHNW families, from the administration of a single asset to the establishment and management of full services to large global structures holding a variety of assets, including Sharia-compliant structures and the support of philanthropic interests.

Our unique approach to wealth structuring

 Hawksford; Family Office Services 

Stability and continuity

Our team of in-house experts have extensive experience in setting up and running successful private family offices for a wide range of multigenerational clients globally. We consider stability and continuity to be key features of our bespoke family office proposition. 

 Hawksford; Family Office Services 

Clarity and transparency

We see clarity and transparency of fees to be an important feature of a family office and will work with each family to agree a bespoke fee agreement. We have no set standard and base each of our fee structures for our family office services on the needs of our clients.

 Hawksford; Family Office Services

Practical experience

We have detailed knowledge and practical experience of forming and administering complex structures and can work with a family's advisers to agree and create an appropriate family office structure. We have strong relationships with the best advisors.

Hawksford Family Office Services

Tailored solutions 

We are experts in this field and have in some cases worked with advisers and clients for multiple generations, ensuring that their financial expectations are achieved as the family wealth is handed down. This vast experience forms the perfect foundation for our family office services, which are managed by our specialist teams.

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We understand that a UHNW family’s needs are often global and complex. We are not defined by where our offices are, but where our clients and advisers need us. Contact us to protect and preserve your wealth.

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Discretion, the heart of what we do

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Why outsource your family office?

The needs of ultra-high net worth families are often complex and extend beyond the skills set of an in-house team. Working with an experienced family office service provider such as Hawksford, can give you and your family long-term advantages that you might not have considered before. To find out the top benefits of outsourcing your family office, download our brochure:

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Family office insights

We are constantly at the forefront of the latest trends and global requirements, and we keep our clients and advisers informed every step of the way. Read our guides below to stay one step ahead.


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