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Singapore is a magnet for entrepreneurs, SMEs and businesses seeking to make the most of all that Asia has to offer. It's strategic location, excellent business infrastructure, and global connectivity are perfect grounds for businesses to thrive.

Why Hawksford?

Singapore is a magnet for entrepreneurs, SMEs and businesses seeking to make the most of all that Asia has to offer.

  • Global standing

    Singapore is well recognised as one of the premier asset management centres in Asia. Besides having a strategic geographical location, its excellent business infrastructure, global connectivity and trade linkages enable investors to access the Asian market within 7 hours of flight time.

  • Gateway to ASEAN

    Singapore acts as a strategic hub for other ASEAN states (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam). Singapore offers global investors unparalleled access to the Asia Pacific markets – one of the world’s fastest-growing regions.

  • World class city infrastructure

    Singapore regularly tops rankings for its world class city infrastructure.

  • Government policy

    Economic and political stability, reputation for high standards of regulation and supervision, and a robust legal and judicial framework.

  • Tax

    Singapore has a withholding tax exemption on payments such as interest, commission, royalties or management fees made to Singapore branches of non-resident companies.

  • Capital markets

    Singapore’s deep and liquid capital markets are a key source of funding for the region’s growth and development. As one of the well-established capital markets in Asia, SGX is the preferred listing location for close to 800 companies.

  • Smart financial centre

    The financial sector is an integral part of Singapore’s ambition to be a smart nation and create a smart financial centre where technology is used pervasively in the financial industry to increase efficiency, create opportunities, allow for better management of risks, and improve lives.

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