Successful business expansion in the Greater Bay Area: Luce5



Hawksford assists award-winning lighting design specialists Luce5 with expanding their business into the Greater Bay Area



  • Chinese mainland and Hong Kong


Client Profile and Industry

  • Luce5 is a lighting design company that has been collaborating with leading companies, architects, and professionals in the luxury market for more than 20 years. They specialise in developing, producing, and installing high-quality lighting fixtures. 


Client's Objective 

  • Luce5 is headquartered in Italy and was looking for a professional service provider that could help it expand its business activities into the Greater Bay Area, including Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and assist with administrative and financial services. 


Our Solution  

  • We were sucessfully able to set up a Hong Kong company for Luce5 and then establish a trading WFOE in Shenzhen, enabling the business to operate across the border and process intercompany transactions with ease.
  • Facing tax issues as most companies usually do being new to China, we are able to assist Luce5 with issuing Fapiao's to their clients, and our highly knowledgeable taxation department were also able to help Luce5 with local tax compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Having done such an excellent job in setting up a WFOE and dealing with cross-border payment for Luce5, they then decided to outsource their whole administrative duties in China to us.


Services Provided

  • Accounting services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax compliance 
  • Bank and treasury management 
  • Payroll administration 

"Hawksford has always been a very valuable partner to us with their years of experience and knowledge in the Mainland China market we have been extremely happy with working together with them since day one."

Filippo Brunel  -  General Manager APAC



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