Successfully assisting The Sovereignty Network with business expansion and restructuring




  • Hong Kong

Client Profile and Industry 

  • Our client, based out of New Zealand, is building a health tech marketplace aimed at empowering individuals to take control of their healthcare data and turn it into a personal asset, enabling them to own, share and eventually profit from its value.
  • The Sovereignty Network team comprises leading industry specialists and evangelists from the medical and technical sectors, supported by globally recognised clinical data organisations, all aiming to make accessing and understanding healthcare data more accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Clients Objectives

  • Following an increasing interest in their project from new potential shareholders and an ambitious business plan, our client required support with restructuring their group's structure and operations to optimise the management of their companies and the welcoming of new shareholders. In particular, support was needed in corporate governance and company structuring.

Our Solution

  • We successfully opened bank accounts, both corporate and individual accounts, with a leading international bank – all being done without the need for our client to visit Hong Kong.

  • By providing a dedicated and highly skilled account manager, who acted as a personal consultant and the main point of contact for the client at Hawksford, we were able to provide a full range of back-office and administrative services by creating an adequate and accurate communication flow, which allowed our client to save time and focus entirely on the business development of the company. 

  • As a result of the successful collaboration we had in Hong Kong, the client requested us to support them in other jurisdictions where Hawksford did not have a direct presence; this was done through coordinating with local third parties and providers. The advantage of having us as a primary point of contact for all of our client's projects was considered incredibly valuable and effective. 

Services Provided

  • Corporate governance 
  • Accounting and tax
  • Domiciliation 
  • Bank account opening

Since we set up our global corporate infrastructure with Hawksford a couple of years ago, their service has been A1. They are always providing timely, helpful advice on various issues. It is like having a super backstop standing behind your team and company. We are delighted to have chosen Hawksford and continue to highly recommend their services.

Hamish MacDonald  -  CEO, The Sovereignty Network





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